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Our Mission

The mission of Washington School is to provide a safe, secure environment in which the staff will nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and moral capacities of each child to the fullest extent possible.  We also believe that each child will become a life-long learner, ultimately leading a fulfilling life as a productive worker and citizen of the United States and the world.  We believe we can accomplish this only through the combined efforts of staff, students, parents, and community.


21st Century Learning

The time to begin preparing children for the challenges and demands of the future is now. We live in an age of rapid change. Advances in technology continue to create new opportunities for the future. 


Early Literacy

Learning to read is one of the most important skills and serves as a basic building block for learning.

Parent and Family Engagement

When parents/families and teachers work together to establish a thriving classroom, the effect on their students is profound. 

Learning LInks and other Resources

All of our recommended links and resources are designed to encourage parents and children to engage together in meaningful play and age appropriate activities. 

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